5 Incredible Wedding Photography Techniques

Wedding photography is such a lucrative business in the current world we are living it. Its the most common type of photography as every couple wants their bonding moment captured by a professional who will bring out the happy moment in their lives so that it will linger in their minds. A well-taken photo of their wedding brings memories of the day and hence couples are always on the fetch for the best photographer for their wedding.

If you are a wedding photographer just what techniques should you use to ensure that you do not fail your clients as you strive to meet or exceed their expectations? Here are 5 ways to ensure this.

1. Fix your camera.

The first thing you need to ensure is that your camera is well prepped for the day. This should be a day or two before the actual day. It will help you be ready for the day as you do not want to run around asking for a camera on the day of the wedding. You need to ensure that your camera settings along with all the accessories such as the lens, lights, and stands are working effectively and efficiently. If they are not borrowed from a person that you can rely on and who will not fail you with last minutes cancellations.

2. Do not go solo.

If you are a wise photographer you need to always have someone by your side whom you trust to help you. They should also be conversant with photography so that as you pack for the day you can do a checklist of everything you need together and they may help you in the event. You can give them an extra camera to capture those moments that you are not able to as you attend to another session still in the venue. They are like your personal assistant who will always keep you on a check. Lastly is that they are also there to help you carry the accessories as you cannot carry them alone.

3. Pre-plan the shoot.

You can visit the venue a day before the event and examine it as plan how you will be able to stage your lights and shot. You also need to make sure that the couple has a lightened memory of their wedding. This can be done by taking photos of them of beautiful sites such as a park, sunsets as well as their home as eventually, they will live in it as husband and wife. The pre-planning ensures that as you pack you will manage to make a checklist of what you need. It will guide you on understanding the couple’s taste and preferences when it comes to just how they want their photos taken.

4. Capture reactions.

A wedding is full of happy reactions that you should certainly take. There are also other reactions such as tears of joy when the couple is taking their vows from both the couple and the guests. Always make sure that you capture these heartfelt moments as this brings out the beauty of the wedding. Apart from that, the wedding dance moments should not be left out. People dance at weddings and is quite common at the reception area or as they walk into the church before the bride walks down the aisle. Capture these moments too as they will certainly be a mark of the wedding.

5. Know the guests.

A wise photographer is always social and warm. This is a plus to them as they will be able to mingle with the guests quite well and understand them. The social aspect will help you know who is at the wedding and as you take photos you will have no hard time. You need to know the immediate family of both the groom and the bride as they need photos taken with them. You will be able to differentiate family from friends if you are keen even though you may not know their names at least you will have an idea. Just be as social as you can and always smile as you are on a happy day moment – read this article on wedding picture ideas for photographers.

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